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Saturday, April 10, 2004
  ok, so I guess this is my first try at this blogging thing. thanks ezra for getting me into this!!! you suck! j/k not really.

so yesterday i was trying to figure out what we were going to go do before dinnertime. first we were going to go to the mall, but then ezra (see, i mentioned you again!) didn't want to go, he wanted to go to the arcade. then everybody was in a hurry and really want to go ahead and just decide on something, but i told them we had time, lots of time. i swear we needed it because no one could make up their minds AT ALL! there must have been like a hundred different decisions, and like a hundred revisions of the plans before we were finally just like, we can't decide, let's just go to the mall.

so ended up at fresh choice, which was SO good (want more bacon bits, vivienne? LOL!) and it was pretty cool until valerie totally took forever in the bathroom and we were all waiting to go but she said she was just preparing her face to meet the faces that she'd meet and we were like, ok. ezra seemed kind of mad at that, but i told we still had time to go to express, to murder and create, time for all the works and days of hands, and time to go to sam goody afterward to get a cd for ezra's dad's birthday. so we ate some more toast and tea and then shopped for like two more hours and my feet were tired but it was cool.

later, ezra spent the night and we watched teenage mutant ninja turtles on dvd. i made us root beer floats and we fell asleep talking about the turtles, but mostly michelangelo.

now the bell is going to ring and it's really foggy and yellow outside so i don't know if we have to run the mile but anyway this is my first blog so ta-da i hope your happy ezra ok bye.  
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